Member Education Session - Lessons We’ve Learned in Giving and Philanthropy
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Pacific
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Member Education Session
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Please join community influencers and fellow Impact 100 Seattle members as they share personal stories from grantmaking, volunteering, individual, and collective philanthropy. 

Our sector over these past few years has been tested with sudden shifts and rapid pivots. We've dawned new hats strategically to take risks and navigate both planned and unexpected changes. 

What personal lessons about giving and philanthropy have you taken to heart? What have you embraced to pay forward? What would you like to forget, or do over? How do we support one another in our gifting journeys as leaders and learners?

Facilitator: Julie Pham, PhD

Panelists: 3 or 4 Impact 100 Members (experienced in philanthropy, foundations, executive boards, nonprofit and community impact)  

Large group panel and Q&A, as well as small group breakout sessions to connect and share stories

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